December 26, 2008

gone case.

7 bucks.
never ever watch the diary of the dead. its crappy.
  1. tha camera shakes non-stop
  2. the so called zombie-like-scary-human just comes out of nowhere. and sometimes its not even them. [dam potong]
  3. there's like a video recorder recording the movie and another recorder recording the recorder guy. [its just like recording another recorder]*sigh*
  4. the movie makes you dizzy + vomit. [not that i did. nearly.] ;)
conclusion, dont watch it. thanks to charlson we watched it instead of beverly hills chihuahua.


  1. heyyy! :) didn't know you blogged. hope you're doing goood!

  2. wei not my fault okay... i ask you all and you all do not mind it after all chihuahua got no more seats ok. unless you want to sit at the front row... dont blame it all on me! lol :P