March 31, 2009

i miss house cheer...

girls! thanks for tolerating me and manda. you all did great. i know me and manda weren't always nice but we were really stressed out. cause we had to choreograph, find another substitute for eunice [thanks abby], look for the tops and skirts for everyone, make the props and poms. last but not least..make sure that the dance was nice so that we could win for green house. mostly for our peterpan..LIQI. ;) he was really stressed up too. that's why we had to be really tough on you guys. sorry guys. but thanks for everything. ;)

love you all. <3

*sometimes things are meant to be that way.

March 28, 2009

last sports day ever.

sports day was yesterday.
and we had to meet at school at 4.30 to do the make up and practice once before the real thing. so means we have to wake up at 4.
so yuzana stayed over cause her parents couldn't send her at 4.30.
got breakfast from mcd's and redbulls. ;)
i need energy man.
after finishing the make up we went to change and it was really hard to put our shirt on cause we tied our hair and it was as hard as rock.
and eunice's mum made us nice ribbons again. ;)
the first event was marching and long speeches made by the teachers etcetera.
we had to wait and vinyi cried cause she was really nervous.
and since the night before was raining so we had to cheer in the mud.
eww. the other houses wanted to ask teacher to move the spot for cheer but i don't think the teachers would want to move their butts from the chair.
liqi! peterpan. ;) so blue was first. then yellow was second. green was third and red was last to perform.
it was really disgusting the cheer on muds cause you'll hear squishing sound here and there.
plus when we jump the water gets splattered. but we had no choice but to do it. so.. we ended up having brown shoes and our hands were all muddy and wet and dirty and grassy.
and our pretty props and poms were all brown and green with leaves. :(
after cheer was the marching formation and then it was field events. i had 4x200 and 4x100.
the part where you're waiting for the baton or when passing the baton was the scariest.
but it was kinda unfair also since everyone simply cut lanes and push each other around to run. and the teachers said they would disqualify them if they do that.
after running i realized that i had a big cut on my toe.
and the blood wouldn't stop plus the pbsms had to wash it with dettol so it was freaking painful.
i was hugging athina's leg the whole time.
then tarik tali. it was so fun ;)
after that it was the end.
liqi and huaj showing off their medals. =D
announcement time.
i forgot what we got for marching but i think it was pretty good.
then when they announced poms result everyone was in silent mode.
this is what the teacher said.
encik najid:
dan inilah keputusan cheerleading. tempat ketiga tiada pemenang. tempat kedua ialah rumah hijau dan kuning.
everyone stunned there for a while cause we were wondering who would get first.
encik najid: dan pemenang cheerleading ialah rumah biru.
except for the blue house members who were going crazy.
went to ou to eat and watch movie. we walked bare footed cause our legs were all cutty and our shoes were all muddy.
we watched knowing.
don't watch it. it's retarded.

March 26, 2009


sport's day tomorrow!
and it rained just now.
bloody hell. how're we gonna run tomorrow?
and how are we gonna do cheer!?
the field is so horrible lah.
mud everywhere.
p/s. can play mud war. ;)
and i think we'll win the running events by swimming instead of running.
boyfriend was in charge of playing the song for practice just now.
and she combined 4 houses punya dance to become one.
i cant believe she's even my boyfriend.
*smacks head*
we practiced the toe touch thing with the guys just now.
and guess what? wen han can do a split. like seriously.
and when he did hid toe touch just now he accidentally tore his pants.
it was really high until we heard the sound.
i feel sorry for his pants.
so the guys are posing for the ending pyramid and wen han will be doing a split. ;)
i cant wait for tomorrow.
mafia family here i come. ;)
but calvin not joining...

March 24, 2009

it's a really weird day.

i miss c3. :(
i miss our mafia family.
we'll only get to see each other on fridays.
no more mafia family everyday..
and hungry jia shern/baby.
rehearsal for sports day today canceled.
and its all caused by the rain. it didn't stop for the whole day.
so went to help deco. and had a little of practice after school.
had 200m saringan. and i cant run lah. the lane was really wet.
and those that cut the line didn't even get disqualified.
it was so unfair. :(
liqi! I'm really sorry. my short legs cant beat the long ones.
so went back at 4.30 for tuition and guess what.
while i was going to my mum's shop to drink milo i saw a really cute puppy and asked my mum to stop the car.
then i went to catch it and now its at home. ;)
its really chubby. and its a boy.
hmm. what should i call him?
i bet the next time brenda comes to my house she'll just give him another nickname.
guess what's she calling rockie already?
*smacks head*

March 23, 2009

i lost my heart for a day.

c3 competition was yesterday.
i reached the airport at 5 something and had to rush all the way back here. plus we had to wait 20 minutes for the taxi/limo cause they couldn't fit out bags in the small car. *sighs*
so went to school for practice and guess what i got?
elbowed by ashley puan. :( she's the killer man.
went to register and they gave us a whole lot of stuff.
3 chocolate breads, some paper, 2 bottles of juice, some body most and soap from the body shop.
and a nike bottle. it was really cute.
our bags were already full with our uniform plus we had to stuff everything in pulak.
then.. zoe brought out a big garbage bag.
*smacks head*
we could even stuff ashley in. ;)
made with love by eunice's mum. practised on the mat and had our hair plus make up done by the make up artist-clara.
we waited and waited for our turn to come and we were really nervous.
then we got third for stunts.
its not good okay.
but at least we had fun. and it was because of this michelle became the mummy of us all.
and calvin's the daddy.
and guess who's the baby? ;)
jia shern lah duh.
our family's the mafia family. *tsk tsk*
then after we finished we went makan at friday;s.
a had some mac and cheese thing till i couldn't even pull myself to touch the spaghetti.
i hate that cheese ball. argh.
after makan went watch hotel for dogs. ;)
the show.s so cute lah.
i like friday.
and all the other dogs. so adorable.
p/s jia shern and brenda fell asleep during the movie.
how could they. :( the movie so nice.
then half way jeremy called and asked us to go and get our bags from celebrity fitness.
came up and zoe had to go down again cause some pms woman wanted her to sign some stuff. pfft.
after everything went home to bath and then
zzz.and this is our family portrait. ;)
even though we didn't win anything..
scorpions all stars rock!
says jia shern's amazing friends. ;)
and salyz rocks too. :D
its our stunt group member.
and boyfriend!
i love you. ;)
thanks for making the so-called play cards.
it was really cute.
and it was almost bigger than you.

March 18, 2009

one whole lot of fun. ;)

I'm in australia.
its almost 11 here.
2 hours ahead of my bed.
and its freaking cold at night.
I'm just gonna upload a few of the pictures.
there's loads of them so i cant fit them all in one post.
and its costing me 16 bucks to use the net for 1 hour.
the place's really nice.
and the beach is purrfectto. ;)
but we cant really swim in there cause there's sharks.
real. sharks. humans were eaten before. and i don't wanna lose my leg.
cheer's on sunday! ;)
house cheer's going fine.
and manda has to chill.
she was like:
So far is like that la.. YOU BETTER ONLINE AND SEE THIS MAN before u kill me when u get back , knowing some of the dance counting has changed . I hope you're alryt with it...
i think I'll just do it without the pictures.
the connection's really stupid.
it keeps disconnecting on its on.

March 14, 2009

happy birthday michelle!
why didn't anyone know that. :(
practiced from 8.30 to 2.30
I'm going nuts.
*shoots head*
we completed our c3 routine. finally.
and that was our last practice cause i will be gone for the whole week and will only be back on sunday morning.
which means on competition day itself. there's another nutty day.
I've got bruises everywhere thanks to our extremely dangerous flyer who always hits my face and shoulders.
then dance practice for c3 also.
we did some sort of ballroom dance thing. ;)
well. it wasn't really a dance thing actually.
it was sort of like a i-push-you-you-push-me thing. x)
and this as calvin sleeping.
he always sleeps during practice.
and this is jia shern.
i don't know who took this picture but it looks funny.
then we ordered mcd's.
but it took 1 our to come.
and we didn't want it after waiting for so long but they kept calling brenda.
they could be stalkers if they want to.
they even called brenda's house. :/
then calvin told the guy on the line that brenda went home but he asked how he could contact brenda so he gave him some random number to call.
i thing that was the number. xP
i didn't know he was so mean.
so random.and this is our guy-gone-girl-cheerleader.

March 13, 2009


*deep breathe*
we tried doing stunts with our uniform today.
so fun. ;)
but it was freaking raining for the whole morning.
at first when i woke up i was really excited cause we can practice during school ours.
then when i was wearing my shoes my mum said it was raining.
bloody hell.
so we sort of practice in the rain.
and we had free eye drops from the sky. ;)
then it got heavier and we moved to the canteen.
then on lee shoo-ed us away.
went bak to class to wait for the rain to stop.
and on the way upstairs there was a COcKrOACH on the stairs.
oh ehm gee.
mr tay let us practice during recess. ;)
so we practiced in the canteen where everyone was eating and looking at the monkey/ashley jumping around crazily. xP
plus we booked two plates of sang mee with tofupok.
and we also had roti canai.
we're really pigs. haha
after school i was dead already.
i could just sleep on the mat.
but we had to do strength work. :(
stunt stunt stunt.
practice finito.
jia shern's birthday's today.went to baskin robin's to give him a surprise.
he was so emo. and whiny. xP
so each if us made him cards and bought him a big walnut brownie/cake.
laiyee's michelle's mine calvin's
before the pigs started digging the cake.
after we digged. xP
he's kissing the cake. =D
dirty fello.
he's always with his ice cream.
he was so excited to open them. ;)
the metal mouths. :D
then went to gym and did our usual stuff.
crystal was there.
i haven't seen her for one week but it feels like a haven't seen her for ages.
i miss you lah boyfriend. ;)
*blows kiss*