February 27, 2009


happy birthday! ;)
its the last day of exam btw.
its finally over.
so, its time to:
  1. cut song for house cheer.
  2. cut poms. ;)
  3. look for top and bottoms for house cheer. [skirts hopefully]
  4. perfect the dance.
stressing time again.
and pengetua chao-ed today.
plus we were all suppose to shake her hand but it rained.
that's for always wasting our time when we have practices.
boo. ;)

February 23, 2009

exam week.

skipped school today.
will be having exams the whole week.
so planned to go to tmn tun library. at 9.
then we went there.
[we : me cheefoong tsehao]
it was closed.
*smacks head*
so went back to mum's shop and planned where to go again.
i just don't understand why people cant stay home and study.
weirdos.. : chee foong. ;)
so decided to go to ikea to study. ;)
then weibing and the others came.
then makan time.
had meatballs. plus Portuguese tart.
equals full stomach.
left ikea.
chee foong drove. -__-
it wasn't that scary but still scary.
and it was so squishy.
but at least i arrived home safely.
or ah beng would be slaughtered by mummy even if he mati kong kiaod. xP
and she says my lollipop.

February 20, 2009

hua jie!

happy birthday farkit! [canto name]
aka mafan chai
/ mr toe-touch guy. xP
made from the heart. ;)
back pain alert!
im gonna need back implant.

February 17, 2009

global warming!

the weather was super hot today.
i think the whole class can collect dozens of buckets of sweats.
i know.
we should all buy air-conds for our class.
or we'll all end up being roasted humans. :(

February 15, 2009

single's day. ;)

cute right? x)
happy valentine's day. ;)
went to ou to sort of celebrated it with laiyee brenda michelle and wannee.
then we bought pink panther 2 tickets.
gosh. the line was so long. everyone wanted to watch movie. but aren't they suppose to celebrate it somewhere nicer?
those guys no sense of good taste at all lah.
then we decided to eat like from 5 restaurants.
yea. i know. i went out with 2 pigs. xP
laiyee's found her partner in life.
she and brenda can like go out the whole day and eat none stop.
*smacks head*
mr yong's gonna ask us to do extra strength work on friday. :(
  • garden.
[the guy told us there were only tables for 4. but cant he just add an extra chair for us or something? so kiasu. then we thought maybe he thought that we didn't have a boyfriend so he wont let us eat there since its couples day.]
  • garden. again.
[we decided to go back cause the shop was new and we haven't tried the food there yet. then we went there and ask the receptionist if they had any tables for 5. he went in to check and said they're fully booked. i bet the other black guy told him no cause he knew it was us again. ]
  • fridays.

[we wanted to just eat 1 dish. cause we still had other places to go to. but they've only got vday set and bla. seems like all the boyfriends booked the place. :( ]

  • fish & co.

[after getting rejected from so many shops we just went to fish and co. and luckily they let us other ala carte.] *phew*

brenda: the mayo/ tartar sauce queen.

wannee made all of us cards. ;)

  • delicious.

[next stop. full again.]

  • chillis.

[definitely full so we didn't bother to go there.]

  • secret recipe.

[we ate cakes. and brenda and wannee took like age to choose their cakes. it was like they were choosing their future husband. xP]

blue.black.purple.black.blue. xP

  • toilet

[picture time. xP and guys wonder what we do so long in the washroom. haha. ]

then movie time. steve martin's so funny. ;) but smart in some ways.

February 13, 2009


this is the worst day of my life.
stupid cheer.
i could write it out and tell everyone how stupid and retarded today was. but its soo long.
but i was really angry at a few people.
gym time.
back pain time.
did the usual stuffs.
but today there was vomit on the carpet.
so disgusting.
plus brenda and michelle ter-stepped on it. x.x
mr yong aka lalachai. ;) we were hantu's for the day. xP

February 12, 2009

time of the month!

we made poms today. ;)
16 poms in one day.
not bad. :D
*tsk tsk*
but 8 more to go. :(
its almost the time of the month.
i feel it.

February 8, 2009

look at that.

brenda: the umbrella
laiyee: fire
wannee: the green crab
me: im suppose to poke the crab and burn it. xP
[retarter right?]
monkeys on the looose.
cute right? >.<
and guess who's hairy legs are these?
mr yong's!

lion dance! :)

mummy had lion dance in her shop.
that was last week actually. and the lions were so cute. one kept bullying the other. xP
and it made the whole place all dirty.
*smacks head*
then for the whole week i either had pom pom or cheer plus gym.
monday: tuition
tuesday: pom
wednesday: pom
thursday: nthg cause some of them couldn't make it.
friday: cheer and gym.
cheer life of a cheerleader. xP
then gym was crazy.
brenda was high. really high.
we did some really detarded things on the bar.
and now my leg hurts. :(
plus my neck hurts.
i don't know how i fell but i somehow terkenad my head/neck when i was doing floor.
that's all i think. the pictures are on the way. ;) ta ta.