June 28, 2010


happy 2 months love. (:
you know,
it's a shame that it had to be this way.
maybe i'm so blind or maybe we're the same,
but either way i can't breathe.
everything seems to be a lie, a countless, twisted lie,
that made me learn to hate you.
i hate myself for letting it pass by,
so all i have to say is, goodbye.*
take my pain away.
*tell me i'm wrong.

June 27, 2010

*tick tock*

2 more days. (:

June 26, 2010


when things arent meant to be,
theres always you. and you can make things different, however you want it. (:


*boys do strange things to my heart. and they make me question a lot of things. damn them.
ive been thinking.
and i think i know what i want right now.
*before anyone gets hurt even worse,
lets just take a step back,
you guys are meant to be together.
so, there you go,
im taking a step back.*