May 31, 2009

im driving! :D

went for amali class with cheefoong and karwen.
guess who i met? :D
liqi, yy and nicola.
so we had class together. 6 hours of pure lecture is torture.
so after the first half we went to experiment with the car.
there were lots of weird organs in the stomach. and it was all really tiny cause its a kancil. haha.
then we got to drive. ;)
i was in the same group as liqi, yy, nicola.
so liqi went first. since he was the only guy in the car. besides the instructor.
then nicola,yy and me. :)
our instructor was mr nasir junior. he was kinda nice. unlike cheefoong's one who was super hamsap.
i'm driving. :P

May 30, 2009

big pommy.

made a pom in the afternoon.
it took me an hour. *phew*
then went to ou to watch night at the museum 2.
i miss the cinema. :)
then we camhored with the super-giganto-pom. :D

May 29, 2009

cikgu's day.

teacher's day celebration was today.
had the normal long winded speech as usual.
and weird performances. not all were weird. just some. ;)
then they played musical chair. [our school's tradition]
liqi joined too. and mr alex. plus mr siva. [all the teachers lah]
but only those with big butts can win. :D
then we went back to class. but before that we did something really retarded.
and we had to practice the timing as to when they're suppose to snap the picture and when were suppose to jump. [they: david, joel, zhenchi]
haha. :0
*smacks head*
liqi on zhen chi. -___-
then we went back to class. and had 10 boxes of pizzas.
i know. my class is made up of monsters. dont mess with them or they'll eat you up too. :/cikgu. ;)

ming yao. :D

dong the poser.

bimbo caryi.

twins. [yin+yun]

we playing tap tap 2. i won. :)


thams. xD

lalas wannabe. :*

May 28, 2009


omg. i just realized that there's a video of us in gym.
*smacks head*
the one michelle took. watch this.
p/s, don't laugh at the hands-wiping thingy.
its for our our back flip.
the results will show soon when we get to do it properly. :D
went to school today.
then went back at 9.30. =D
sakit tulang belakang lah. its the time of the month again. :(

May 27, 2009

cute right? :D
this is my crazy dog.
he bulldozes me every morning . haha. ;)
guess what. it's been a month since i've updated.
and its all thanks to mid term. total stresssness.
anyways, here's some of the pictures from cheer dinner.
our good luck cake. pretty right? :D
bring it on.
food food food.
look at that table. its enough for a whole kampung.
the mummy's cam-whoring. =D
and this is for mummy:
mummy! you're a poser! :P
i know its been longgg. :D
wait. how am i suppose to blog about 1 whole month in i post?
i shall just summarize it.
omg. english test is over and i'm doing summary. *smacks head*
exam starts.
and we had all three science papers during the first week.
suicide. x/
there was mum's day. ;)
then exams again.and usual cheer practices.
then american idol.
kris allen i love you. ;)
and today's the last day.
i'm so gonna get my precious sleep+tv+shopping time all back.
plus we got our uniforms today. :D
weee.. its so pretty. but my sleeves are abit too lose. and the skirt is of course better than last year's.
when the lady came to our school everyone switched to jakun mode. haha.