December 26, 2008

gone case.

7 bucks.
never ever watch the diary of the dead. its crappy.
  1. tha camera shakes non-stop
  2. the so called zombie-like-scary-human just comes out of nowhere. and sometimes its not even them. [dam potong]
  3. there's like a video recorder recording the movie and another recorder recording the recorder guy. [its just like recording another recorder]*sigh*
  4. the movie makes you dizzy + vomit. [not that i did. nearly.] ;)
conclusion, dont watch it. thanks to charlson we watched it instead of beverly hills chihuahua.

December 25, 2008

merry christmas!.

counting down... ;)
daud jaz me ming natt
had a little christmas eve party. ;)
there were nat emeline crystal uncle auntie daddy mummy robin me jaz david ming ming's mum ms boyfriend nabilah chee foong wei bing mei mei adrian. [huaj + jung were supposed to come but they couldn't make it.] *sniff sniff*
so jaz came the earliest. and he was wearing black at first. but he changed to a red top.
*tsk tsk* thanks mr bestfriend. ;)
then the others came. we had yummy food. loads of loads of food. we had yee sang. [its suppose to be for chinese new year. but whatever. ;)] then there's pasta, rice, lamb curry, then the round flour ball thingy, mashed potatoes, roasted duck etc. then there's also christmas log and christmas pudding but everyone was too full so its untouched. :(christmas log. ;)
man at work.

i present you my brother. *speechless*

{below} they're gay.

chee foong: eat lah baby. / wei bing: dont want lah baby. fat leh. *yuck*

they both left early cause they had another party. [party for the cool dewd]

he's afraid of the camera. xP

ah beng and mummy. ;)

the adopted family of the thams. ;)

we watched some bruce lee show. they talk dam alot. and then step up 2. jaz's + ming's fav movie. x) and while they were watching step up we played twister. :)

deep breath! ;P

then the show was at the dancing part so everyone stopped and watch. nice nice. xP

then cam wh*red. ;)

nabilah me crystal sr. ;)

[nat's sis's name is crystal too]

yea yea.. we were supposed to pose to take like simultaneous pictures non-stop thanks to nat.

we're gonna need botox. xP

them doing their takoyaki face. [wait.did i get that right?]

practicing her cj7 face. it looks horrible!.

look at that poser.

red red red.

my fav babe. ;)

mr best friend. ;)

my super sexy boyfriend. xP

he's got just one face. which is that. *sigh*

oh look! christmas tree. xP

don't ask me why. even i don't know why i squatted like that. :(

cupcakes for everyone. :0 im sick of it.

mr santa + teddie = mr sandie ;) [gift from chee foong]

then there's a diy dog from ms boyfriend / a pillow from mr bestfriend / a hanging thingy from nabilah /a bowl from natt

merry christmas! :D

nabilahh! chill alright? just forget about that bitch for a second. its not like she meningkatkan maruah of blitzerz also right? ;)

December 22, 2008

cookies made by: beloved boyfriend.
thank crystal!. ;)
*psst* i finished the whole thing already. couldn't wait till christmas. x)
cam whored a little. x)

December 21, 2008

shopping spree!.

went shopping with daddy after he came back from golf. the jam was crazy.
but it only took us 5 minutes to get a spot. [lucky us] ;) *tsk*
so went to get my ear sticks.
then bought 2 tops, one shorts + skirt and a bag. [i know..again]
spent like 3++ hours there. tired tired. ;)

December 20, 2008

cina ah pek

presenting cina ah pek. ;)
went to his house for barbecue at night. the food there was.. [one word] AWESOME. x) especially the borch soup. *slrrp* and the fish. plus the corn beef & mushroom. and the egg crepe. ;) there was a bit of alcohol in it. but it was delicious. im actually commenting on all of it actually. oh wells.
then we watched sweeny tood. it was bloody disgusting. that guy just cut another guys head off with his barber knife. but it was kinda sad too. but still more disgusting than sad.
then chee foong took his grandma's glasses to play with. ;)

see. haha

it makes your eyes look dam huge. ;)


December 19, 2008

eugene laiyee me bfl
so the maid trainer came over today and mum needed my help. so cleared my room a little and then watched lion king 2. i got addicted to it thanks to huaj. ish. anyways, was supposed to go with jaz to du to return his prom costume then i could go to gym after that but his mum could not send us there so he just came over to get his keys. then charlson called. again. he calls people like 24/7. i guess he's just bored at home. btw, he says i talk very chou lou-ish. *stares* no i dont. moving on, eugene came and pick me up for ou. bought yes man movie tickets. [had no idea what the show was about] then went to roxy to meet up with lai yee. *psst* saw this really nice roxy bag. i think im gonna buy it. ;) then we walked to old wing cause lai yee wanted sushi. [for her always hungry stomach] then had a heart-to-heart talk with bfl. if i didnt i think i would have cracked. *sigh* guys. after that we watched THE movie. it was retardedly funny. especially the part where the horny old woman seduced him and he was forced to say yes. haha. ;) ... went to gym straight away. thank god crystal didn't ffk. or i would slaughter her. cam whored with the kids there. but it was still another quiet gym day. oh, i managed to land a somersault. weeee.. *teehee*
see us? ;)
height difference.
just like me and ms tallie. x)
cheesee. :D
gf & bf. ;)

in the car on the way back home. ;)

the year's ending people. gosh.

so fast. :(

December 18, 2008

disney day. ;)

so we[me and huaj] were planning this movie thing for about a month. and we finally had it. it was suppose to be a day where we all watch disney movies like lion king, nemo etc. anyways, huaj jung jaz manda david came. nat couldn't make it cause she wasn't feeling very well after camp. anyway, manda came earlier.[the earliest] so we watched harry potter and the order of the phoenix cause she haven't watched it while waiting for the guys. then huaj and jung came. then davidd. then jaz. luckily my mum came back or he'll be waiting outside and we would be inside waiting for him.xP so after harry potter we watched lion king 1. jaz wanted to watch step up but noone agreed with him. haha. then suddenly the opening song of lion king was in cantonese. ;) then at last jung managed to change it back to english. after lion king we wanted to watch the nxt episod but they just watched it so we decided to watch batman for jaz's sake. he's like the only one who hasn't watch all the movies.
so after finishing the movie they decided to go home for dinner. huaj jung and jaz walked back.[jaz cycled] they pinjam-ed e few dvd's. and guess what? jaz forgot to bring his house keys back. he got so engrossed in the barbie cd's that i pinjam-ed him that he forgot about everything. ;) mr. best friend

December 17, 2008

so you can dump me
for another girl
and get back together with me after that while
i cant
when what i did was barely anything?

December 16, 2008


mindee. ;)
went to putrajaya to visit mindee today. she's grown so huge. and tht's cause her new owner feeds her raw fish everyday. [more like a cat i think] but she's so meaty now. x)
the story: she came to our house one day. she was outside the whole night cause the dogs wouldn't stop barking. then the nxt morning when i was about to leave skol we saw her sitting outside our gate. we gave her food but she didnt wanna eat. and she wouldn't leave too. so we decided to keep her. we had to carry her to the back cause the other 4 were making a lot of noise. after skol we found out that her eyes were going blind cause she scratched it. we brought her to the vet and the vet sewed her eyes. she was like captain hook. xP anyways, she got better we had to give her away cause my dad wouldnt let me keep her. cause i have 4 dogs already. :(
moving on, putrajaya. first thing she did when she saw our car was she ran to us. she still remembers. :) and then she kept on jumping on us. she's dam hyper. and she's made a lot of friends around there.
cute as ever. but when we leave we didn't see her anywhere.
*psst* she went to look for her boyfriend. ;)
oh. and you better watch out cina ah pek.[ah beng]