April 26, 2009

blue humans everywhere.

its sunday. omg.
means there's school tmr. :(
*pfft* ..
just came back from zoe's cheer dinner thing.
we watched last year's cheer video.
and we criticised everything. and zoe got to see her c*lv*n. :D
haha. its blue day. everyone wore blue.
and everyone was supposed to bring their bears but.. :(
teddee didn't get to meet her sisters. sad sad.
the pictures are on the way. ;)
plus we watched bring it on 3.
i hate that winnie girl. amber's nice. and brads really like a PIG.
[blitzerz, as one will unite]
i've got a question.
does my hair really looks like its been for straightening?
cause everyone's asking me the same question. :(
it's not. and im kinda proud of it. :D
but its hard to bend it.

April 24, 2009

pms. pre-midterm syndrome

i just got my mid term exam timetable today.
im gonna die. :(
and exam's in two weeks. plus i need to re-study form 4 stuffs.
mr. brain over here's gonna explode any minute.
i wish i was a form 1 kid again.
[i didn't really liked form 2 because all the teachers hated us and called us 'perempuan miangs']
all girls class. :D
or form 3.
then i wouldn't have to study as much. and we could enjoy school more.
now school's just dead. the teachers are all nutty.
SOME don't even know what they're teaching us.
first paper: bio
second paper: chem
third paper: physics

April 23, 2009


*maybe we just weren't meant for each other*

April 18, 2009


its lalachai's birthday. :D
guess what we got him?
we as in me.laiyee.manda.zicong.
a barbie doll. her name's summer btw.
well. he needed a girlfriend and we couldn't find him one so we decided to get him a sexy doll. ;)
there she is. ;)
sexy right?
digging from all the crepe paper. :D
poser. he trying to act cute. plus more lala.
went to ou with lalalalachai and zi cong just now.
he was loaded with $$. haha.
so we went to starbucks to drink and zi cong was saying how f*t people fantasizes him. eww.
he said he can't stand the layers. and he had to keep insulting all those f*t humans.
sad sad.
so we watched he's just not that into you.
there was this movie trailer about an orphanage.
it was freaky. she went nutty ans tries to kill all the kids i think.
ps. i was half covering my eyes.
the show was boring. they had video clips of people. kinda weird.
but the ending was really sweet. ;)
then during the show a really funny thing happened.
suddenly there was a girl sitting beside me.
then i looked at her cause she looks like a kid and its an 18+ movie.
and i realized that it was wanne.brenda.michelle.calvin.andtwootherdudes.
it was faith. haha.
but they got shooed cause they didn't look 18.
so sad.

April 16, 2009

the not so quiet girl.

school was as hot as usual today.
hmm. i had double bio, double pj, maths, double bm, add maths and mm.
bio teacher didn't come. then pj teacher nagged like crazy cause we didn't bring our text book and pj clothes. maths teacher was as nice as always. bm.. *pfft* mr-try-to-act-cool. he always ignores me. add maths was nice to. then mm. free period. :)
then this weird thing happened.
never in my life was i mad at my class mates. especially those who don't talk in class.
after recess, i went back to class and the blackboard said
pass up moral project to yl.
so i did. cause i spent the whole afternoon doing it the day before.
then after 5 minutes she said that i can keep the green file.
so i decided to recycle it cause its half falling apart.
then she came to me.
yl: *shouted* you cant pass it up like this.
me: why?
yl: your photos need caption lah.
me: but the project teacher gave us to rujuk didn't have it. and teacher said just follow it.
pui shan: yea, cik ina said no need.
yl: but pn liao said need.
me: *getting angry* but cik ina said no need. i was in her class last year. she say just follow.
yl: but pn liao..
me: fine. i'll take it back.
then we were debating on whether we needed captions. pui shan said didn't need so i passed it up again.
pui shan: nvm. tham wanna pass up her project.
yl: hao lah. ni zhe ji bao chong.
[you take care]
then we were talking about her at the back.
even kar mun said that she's rude. so i'm not the only one.
mean ass.

April 12, 2009


went for undang yesterday.

it wasn't as bad as some people said it would be.

chee foong wanted to but he didn't dare cause no one slept in the class. really.

and the videos that they show us about motorcycle accidents is gross.
the guy's leg was half gone. *blekk*
i baked too. ;)
and its yummy. mmm.. :D
went to tropicana for a swim just now.
half way swimming with laiyee it started to rain.
but laiyee said that the guard will put on some sort of siren sound when there's thunder/lightning.
then we started collecting flowers. :D
and we pretended to save them from some sort of sea monster/big wave thing.
we were being so jakun and childish. haha
then our mum's came and brothers came too.
and we took the flowers to cam wh*re. ;)
then we went to makan at the japanese restaurant.
and we saw some cute easter thing so we took pictures too. ;D

muah. <3

April 10, 2009

school was boring+hot as usual.
we wanna sit under the fan but the fan's too retarded to move faster than the first speed.
anyway, had cheer after school. and we did quite alot of back walks and everything.
i just realized that everyone's injured. practically.
there's weiwen with her ligament/muscle, nabilah with her ligament, jc with her ankle cause of her retarded shoes, laiyee with her wrist, and me with my back.
ish. this is pure torture.
if only i could wish for a really flexible back and never have back aches again. ;) hehe.
then gym. jia shern came today. and he still looks like a baby. :D
he really likes to show off man.
but its alright. i will be able to do a back flip and back tuck and etc by june.
muahaha. :)
*if i told you that i love you would you say i love you back?

April 9, 2009

half of a metal mouth.

i'm having gastric. :(
i've no idea how i got it but i don't skip meals if that's what you're wondering.
this is so annoying.
i took the top of my braces out yesterday.
it feels really weird cause i can feel my gums. ;)
i cant wait to go for undang this saturday. :D
*things never happen the same way twice, my dear.

April 6, 2009

ohana means family. :D

went back for cheng ming on friday night.
so i had to skip gym. :(
then family day was yesterday.. and it was raining on saturday so guess what.
mud again. *pfft*
we practiced in school for an hour plus then went to central park to see the place.
it was sunny at first. then after we performed it drizzled. and rained.
its so annoying.
crystal was really upset cause all her stunts fell.
but no one blames her cause it was really wet.
chill boyfriend! ;)
no matter what you're still as macho as ever.
mafia parents were there. and mafia baby too. ;)
and mafia daddy looked as blur as ever.
then we went to ou to makan.
and we rented a wheel chair for nabilah. ;)
nabilah with her rented wheel chair. :D
it was so fun.
pushed her around like jakun.
actually that was me only but whatever lah.
both of them were trying to cover each others spaghetti with chili flakes. real jakuns.
yummy desserts= fats+fats+fats.
then we went home after that.
went wash hair and cut.
and daddy went to ou again.
so i practically spent the whole day there
we had quite alot of free periods cause teacher's were busy.
and pn t*ng couldn't stop nagging again.
and for the rest of the day we were cracking our heads out doing add maths and making up song while doing questions-that-only-tan-juan-can-solve.

April 1, 2009

ka la 'ohana

lilo/stitch: ohana means family. famile means nobody gets left behind - or forgotten. ;)
its all for charity, people.. ;)