December 25, 2008

merry christmas!.

counting down... ;)
daud jaz me ming natt
had a little christmas eve party. ;)
there were nat emeline crystal uncle auntie daddy mummy robin me jaz david ming ming's mum ms boyfriend nabilah chee foong wei bing mei mei adrian. [huaj + jung were supposed to come but they couldn't make it.] *sniff sniff*
so jaz came the earliest. and he was wearing black at first. but he changed to a red top.
*tsk tsk* thanks mr bestfriend. ;)
then the others came. we had yummy food. loads of loads of food. we had yee sang. [its suppose to be for chinese new year. but whatever. ;)] then there's pasta, rice, lamb curry, then the round flour ball thingy, mashed potatoes, roasted duck etc. then there's also christmas log and christmas pudding but everyone was too full so its untouched. :(christmas log. ;)
man at work.

i present you my brother. *speechless*

{below} they're gay.

chee foong: eat lah baby. / wei bing: dont want lah baby. fat leh. *yuck*

they both left early cause they had another party. [party for the cool dewd]

he's afraid of the camera. xP

ah beng and mummy. ;)

the adopted family of the thams. ;)

we watched some bruce lee show. they talk dam alot. and then step up 2. jaz's + ming's fav movie. x) and while they were watching step up we played twister. :)

deep breath! ;P

then the show was at the dancing part so everyone stopped and watch. nice nice. xP

then cam wh*red. ;)

nabilah me crystal sr. ;)

[nat's sis's name is crystal too]

yea yea.. we were supposed to pose to take like simultaneous pictures non-stop thanks to nat.

we're gonna need botox. xP

them doing their takoyaki face. [wait.did i get that right?]

practicing her cj7 face. it looks horrible!.

look at that poser.

red red red.

my fav babe. ;)

mr best friend. ;)

my super sexy boyfriend. xP

he's got just one face. which is that. *sigh*

oh look! christmas tree. xP

don't ask me why. even i don't know why i squatted like that. :(

cupcakes for everyone. :0 im sick of it.

mr santa + teddie = mr sandie ;) [gift from chee foong]

then there's a diy dog from ms boyfriend / a pillow from mr bestfriend / a hanging thingy from nabilah /a bowl from natt

merry christmas! :D

nabilahh! chill alright? just forget about that bitch for a second. its not like she meningkatkan maruah of blitzerz also right? ;)

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