December 15, 2008

super cheer day! ;)

had practice thiis morning. for 2 hours only. cause a few of them coulnd't make it so we curi tulang abit. x) there were only 11 of us. and i didnt have a flyer. ashley's been away for so long. i've got no idea how am i gonna fly her when she gets back. sure dam kaku one lah. :( anyways, we did our usual strength work and all. then later the others did stunts. we did extra strength work too. that is we flyed each other. x) first it was lai yee.
then eunice.
*psst* her screams kill!.

then jc. she's like super pro lah. then me. dam fun. im sorry if i killed anyone. moving on..zoe flyed too. then clara. nabilah etc. we can have practices like this everytime. xP anyway, after we were tired of it we had another strength work. we were suppose to play limbo under the badminton net. then tall people like me and lai yee couldn't cross. [long legs] xP so we decided to go under it with bridges. then we started spider walking. ;) at first we went one by one. then we had a competition. the person who reaches last will have to fly. [it was kinda like for people who were afraid of flying]moving on.. we sweat like crazy today. so means we did alot. ;) its kinda like the few last practices of december. :( then we will have to go back to skol. gahh. so we have to make use of the rest of it. ;)

anyways, though it looks kinda rwent back home and had nothing to do so i decided to bake cupcakes.! x) i spent like two hours making the 18 cupcakes. triple choc. its yummy alright. i went through alot of hard work to make it. it looks retarded cause of the choc icing on it. even without the icing it looks hole-ee. *bleh*

see. totally not my fault at all. ;)

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