December 10, 2008

BIG baffello day. ;)

so i shall write about natt the big baffello that i went out with on tuesday as my first post. x) hmmm. so it was suppose to be a christmas shopping kinda day. but after we went to a few stores we decided to go try out some retardedd un-wearable hanging off your body like you have extra boobies kind of dresses. and so we tried.
and tried.


and again..

#3 we had to practically hold the dress up so tht i doesn't fall off. don't blame me. i got the lalaness from my super lala friend.jaz. ;) ~

after all the trying we walked around and guess what we saw. we wanted to go back and take a picture of him but he wasn't there anymore. :(

then had donuts. and you wouldn't wanna know what got stuck in between our blings. x) then we went around taking pictures. and nat couldn't even climb up tht greeny block. lose to small kid la you. go work out.;]

we saw down syndrome kid. can we not call her that? its like insulting those kids. :( we shall call her miss retard. agreed? ;)

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