January 1, 2009

happy new year. ;)

the new years was a bore. :( was supposed to go to curve with jaz but he had some family problem so i went with laiyee. and crystal [aka miss noisy]. + jc and shu hua. went to but movie tickets.
bedtime stories. ;)
the cinema area was crowded. and we managed to get movie tickets but we had to sit separately. [most retarded movie day ever] then we ate.
sushi king. ;)
chuen laiyee me shu hua crystal jc
fish face. [crystal's fave] *sigh*
saw chuen there and he was alone. then makan-ed together. then ghia jun + wen jun + matt was there. the horror. :(
then they went to but hot dog.
miss retard. [my boyfriend] *sniff sniff*
look at that.
and after that was movie time. x)
sneaked crystal in. xP and since our sit was like the first row she sat on the floor. poor thing.
went to the circle place to hang for awhile while we waited for nabilah.
she and her glow-in-the-dark gadgets. x)
i look like wall-e. ;)
then countdown time. :) the people there were crazy. they sprayed us all over.
gila peoples. [dam annoying]
saw leon there. ;)
then fireworks. weeee. *jumps* xP
see what i mean by those gila peoples? :(
[and it started raining gumballs] x)my hair. :(

Happy New Year.! :)

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