January 30, 2009

lerv story

he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
and said
marry me juliet
you never have to be alone
i love you and that's all i really know
i talked to your dad
go pick put a white dress
it's a love story baby just say yes

January 28, 2009

happy chinese new year! ;)

twinss wanna-be. :)
happy chinese new year. ;)
I'm back! *whee*
chinese new year was hot. and i mean HOT. the weather was crazy.
me and mummy started the journey at about 6 something in the morning on sunday.
then we makan-ed half way there in tapah. x)
after we reached we went to da saloon! ;)
chinese new year must have new hair.
*tsk tsk*
loved those curls.
flowers from neighbour's garden.
plucked some. xP then reunion time. grandma's garden-planted veggies. yummy. *slurp*
and now i present you ethan, my cousins baby. ;)
then ang pao time. xP
but besides that its either you sleep or watch tv or eat or gamble. so it was rather boring actually.
but at least you get to see all your uncles and aunties and cousins etcetera. :)
first day of chinese new year: wanted to eat ipoh food cause i've never been to the town before. but all the shops were close so we had to eat at the mall.
*sigh* and the food was horrible.
then there was lion dance.
and we played with the stick thingy. :)
second day of chinese new year:
cute right? :]
daddy and his chicken! :)
sleepy head...
grandma giving out ang paos.
she's 98 years old.
my uncle purposely bought this table for gambling.
and brought it back all the way from kl..
then everyone came. and we gambled. abit. ;)
i won 22 bucks!
then we finished at 11 something and went to ipoh to eat fish ball noodles. and tong sui. and there was this really weird/disgusting couple sitting behind us.
went back at 1 something and zzz.
daddy! :)





January 23, 2009

another s.i.e.n day

school was sooo boring. had like don't know how many periods free. :(
there was like add-maths+moral+chem-free. and english can be counted free too cause they had some debate thing on class.
whats the point of going to school?
had cheer today. ;)
so fun! xP
we did 360*! whee..

our last year.

t.h.e last year. :(


*psst* chinese new year's coming! ang pao. x)

January 21, 2009

happy birthday wei sheng aka chimpanzee ! ;)

January 18, 2009


i wanna join football. xP
st*pid teacher. say we girls cannot join it.
whats the difference between us and them guys?
the sun only mah. who can't stand it?
look down on us girls only.
plus the teacher of ko-ko's a lady somemore.

January 17, 2009

seventeen forever. ;)

o.m.g. im 17! i feel so old.
wanted to had a party but it was like so rushy cause it was one week after school reopen so i gave up.
then decided to have dinner at friday's. there were a few people who celebrated there on that day also. awesome. [at least im not the only one growing old]
laiyee's share of cake. xP
... had cheer yesterday. we had like a dozens of flyer. xP
and while we were doing stunts pengetua had to come and kacau. ish. she purposely wasted our time.
then she asked us to stand according to out forms and tell her our name plus class.
whats the point? its not like she's gonna remember all of us. she even called zoe zo. she said she was just concern about our safety. but if she really is she could get us another mat. :D
then went to leon's birthday slash farewell party. got him some dumbbell bottle plus added some choc inside.
thank god i had lai yee. or i would be dead. it was like all kdu's. *blekk*
then we went to the playground. the swing was fun. just that laiyee's long legs were so long that her legs kept on touching the ground.
the cons of having that long legs. xP
then it started to rain. so we were stuck there again.
and luckily my dad could fetch us back earlier. :)
mr paddington and cj7. ;)
if i had to choose between 3 guys to either marry or sleep or kill, i would kill you because if i cant have you then no one can.

January 10, 2009

first days.


can die. :( i hate first days of school. its the worst days of the year.

got up on monday morning and i didn't felt like going to skol already. know why?

  1. its THE last year. *sniiff*
  2. i always get sick when i start skol. no joke.
  3. no more older cute guys to stalk and look at. sad sad. :(
  4. i have to wake up early every morning. again.
  5. homework!

*sigh* its all starting again.. and i skipped two days of skol.

i lost my dog btw.if anyone's seen her please tell me kay?

she's lost. :( if you have her please return her .. :(

January 3, 2009

weee. ;)

heh. went skating with chee foong [ah beng/cina ah pek] and jaz [papaya]. ;) was supposed to go with cf since don't know how long ago. it was a last minute thingy btw. :)
took cab there then skated. sooo fun. haven't been there since primary. *sigh* sad sad. so kaku-ed abit. but not bad lah.
i fell 3 times. :(
i don't really know how i fell actually. but i just did.
they were about to close the rink for cleaning then cf said don't go out first and he just grabbed my hand and skated like super fast. it was fun. [at first] then this guy appeared out of the blue. i was about to move to the side but.. *crashes* both me and cf fell. half of me was wet. my hair my top my jeans. and it was freezing. :(
there was this girl who was about to fall. then she grabbed me. i thought i could help her but she pushed me down. *sob sob* and i fell on my ass/my back. :( *ouchies*sad.
then we sat for awhile and went back to skate. cf was even scared to let me skate alone. *sigh*
then decided to stop skating. the skates can kill. my ankle was so soar. but thank god there was no blisters. *psst* i was wearing my dad's socks. ;)
then cf continued skating. he was like a small kid. so happy-like. xP
went to eat at sakae sushi. ;)

January 1, 2009

happy new year. ;)

the new years was a bore. :( was supposed to go to curve with jaz but he had some family problem so i went with laiyee. and crystal [aka miss noisy]. + jc and shu hua. went to but movie tickets.
bedtime stories. ;)
the cinema area was crowded. and we managed to get movie tickets but we had to sit separately. [most retarded movie day ever] then we ate.
sushi king. ;)
chuen laiyee me shu hua crystal jc
fish face. [crystal's fave] *sigh*
saw chuen there and he was alone. then makan-ed together. then ghia jun + wen jun + matt was there. the horror. :(
then they went to but hot dog.
miss retard. [my boyfriend] *sniff sniff*
look at that.
and after that was movie time. x)
sneaked crystal in. xP and since our sit was like the first row she sat on the floor. poor thing.
went to the circle place to hang for awhile while we waited for nabilah.
she and her glow-in-the-dark gadgets. x)
i look like wall-e. ;)
then countdown time. :) the people there were crazy. they sprayed us all over.
gila peoples. [dam annoying]
saw leon there. ;)
then fireworks. weeee. *jumps* xP
see what i mean by those gila peoples? :(
[and it started raining gumballs] x)my hair. :(

Happy New Year.! :)