December 13, 2008

day out with the girls [suppose to be].

were suppose to go to ou with crystal jc laiyee charlson and eugene. then this crystal and jc said couldn't make it. so just went with the others. *sigh* watched bolt for the second time, *smacks head* i still like the cat [mittens]. ;) we met up with joo yi cause she was alone. then watched the day the earth stood still after lunch. and the super huge metal man in the that movie is so cool!. lai yee brought like cereal and cookies etc in her bag. and charlson finished them all. hungry fella. x) after finishing all the food lai yee needed to eat again. *psst* even if you feed her a whole sack of rice she wouldn't be full enough. she eats non-stop. seriously. after both movies it was time to leave cause we had gym class.and you know what? crystal couldn't make it again. i hate you crystal. lousy boyfriend. *hmph* my back hurts. again. i think im gonna need to sit on a wheel chair before 20. thats bad. anyhow, another lazy day at gym. *bleh*

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