June 30, 2009

nutty cheer practices.

another two more videos of what we do during practices. :D


guess what? i got into ns. manda too. :/

this is CRAZY. nonsense.

June 29, 2009


you asked for it. and you've got it. :D

liumingyao. ;)


im dying to watch transformers 2. but daddy said no going to the cinema cause of the flu.

stupid pig flu. :/

June 28, 2009

*snip snip snipp*
there goes my hair. :(
after this week..it will all be over. :/
my mum. :D
with her 'tongkat'.

June 27, 2009

*in lazy mode*

i feel so lazy to post now..
so i'll just make everything short. :)
yesterday was mummy michelle's last day at gym. and laiyee's too.
and i'm not sure if i still wanna continue gym. cause there's barely any humans there anymore. except brenda.
i had my first driving lesson today.
i drove around taman tun. i think i nearly touched two cars. NEARLY. ;)
mummy fell down in her shop just now.
she slipped cause some random guy was cleaning the floor with all the bubbly soaps/detergents.
so now she cant drive for i dont know how long.

June 26, 2009

owh ehm gee.
cheer is officially 1 week away. which is equavalent to 168 hours/10080 minutes/604800 seconds. :(
so this is what happened for the whole week.
  1. cheered all cheer teams punya cheer.
  2. did ALOT of full routines.
  3. practiced with our uniforms and performed in school just now. :D
  4. ate the whole canteen up after practice during recess
  5. scared a tree.!
  6. got a kick on my forehead. *sniffs sniffs*

my blog is dying. i guess thats because everyday i come home i shower and i sleep. then it repeats. ahh.

June 22, 2009


happy father's day! :D
omg. heard that some student from some school near bu got the h1n1 thingy.
scary.. i hope it goes away faster.
plus the retarded haze.
we're all gonna get lung cancer or some sort of mutated lung virus like the pig disease. soon. :/
oh oh.. cheer is next week.

June 20, 2009


what can i say besides cheer practice everyday?
i cant believe cheer's gonna be in two weeks. omg. damn fast right.. we got our routine done. so its kinda okay i guess. cant wait for clinic. :D and guess what? the newspaper spelled us wrongly again.
its blitzerz.
not blitzers humans
cool leh.[muscle womans] ;)
had photoshoots in school too. we got to wear our uniforms. :D
plus other stuffs for school mag.
we crashed a few classes class photo. and some monster got really angry.
hahaha. ;)

June 14, 2009

goodbye holidays.
hello school. and results. :/

June 13, 2009

was at hao min's for barbecue. there was siu yoke aka roasted pork.
and it was soo yummy. except for the white-jelly-like fat part.
plus all the other barbecue necessities.
we watched yes man but we could hardly hear anything cause there were alot of humans around.
so we went to the park.
see-sawed. swinged. and played basketball. :D
i scored. hahaha.

June 12, 2009


practiced in the morning. and you know what?
its the LAST practice for the holidays. next will be after schools and during school hours. oh man. and i got another friction-caused-hair-grow patch on my arm again. :( saddening. from hairless to patchy. coach came for practice. she wore a cap and it made her look so HIP. :D she even did the 'yo man' sign. haha. .. after practice went back mandi and went ou with mr tall. i watched hannah montana. :D the guy was so cute! he's eyes... *drools* then went to gym. after 2 weeks of non-gym, it feels kinda weird. did the usual stuffs. calvin came. just to wait for transport.

June 11, 2009

get well soon kay?
we're all waiting for you and clara to come for practices. :D
the pretty 'card' we all drew on. :)
take care..
the bruises and scratches and cuts etc that we get during practices is gonna get us something this year. :D
p/s, you'll always be pretty.
add maths project. im dying.

June 10, 2009

melted book

had practice this morning at coach's place.
so gross. all the sweat. you can see it dripping down our faces and everywhere.
then had lunch with loong, shaun, kenny, shengjun.
ate char keow teow. there were lotsa lala's in it. and prawns and other sea animals.
so i gave it all to kenny. :D
then the big news.
wait for it.
here it comes.
loong melted my eclipse book.
yes! he did. he left it in his car and it melted.
at first i thought he was kidding cause the last time he said he was annoyed by this mosquito and he used my book to kill it.
he and shaun were making it really hard to believe.
eish. i really thought he was kidding again.
he ordered another one for me from uk.
aih..sad sad.
anyhow, am off to take a nap now.

June 8, 2009


[she thought that we were as small as her. trying to squish into one step on the escalator. -___- ]
today's eat-a-go day.
meaning: we eat in as many places as possible.
target: 10 restos. [5 main course + 5 desserts]
humans: me, crystal, laiyee.
and there was a really big misunderstanding.
all cause of crystal! *pfft*
eh, you going for the eat-a-go thing later right
yeap. you?
yeah. going straight after cheer right?
no lah. crystal said go at 1 o'clock.
huh? i texted her yesterday and she said go straight after cheer lah.
*crystal came late*
crystal! later going ou at 1 o'clock right?
yea lor.
crystal, yesterday you told me go after cheer.
omg. yea hor. how?
*smacks head*
so i went with her after cheer. and laiyee went back to bathe. one small human confuse us all pulak.
our first stop. arena. :/ crystal said the yee mee's really nice there. then we went to eat the pan mee. plus laiyee got soya bean. :D
then we went to sushi king. ordered one zaru soba. [i think the waitress was wondering why were we sharing one small thing]
next stop: dave's. cause they had the 50% discount on pastas. and pastas are just so yummy. crystal didn't like pasta. which was one of the reasons we chose to eat there.
[moto: eat everything even if we don't really like it = try new stuffs. :D] haha.
followed by waffle world. p/s, crystal didn't even know how to cut a waffle. she's like a small kid. a really really small kiddo. *tsk tsk*
then dragon-i. for dessert. we had a hard time deciding which ice thingy to choose from cause each of us wanted different fruits on it. but the one we ate had bits of the 3 that we wanted. =D
next was just thai. pineapple rice. ;) eih? why pineapple green colour one?
if not?
i thought its yellow?
haihyoh. yellow is inside lah. the fruit part.
oh... [then she started scrapping the inside part of the partially emptied fruit :/ ]
then we went to honeymoon. noone tried that place before. so we just simply ordered.tau fu fa with aloe vera. it was yummy. :D
and the last stop for me was nando's. crystal took abit of chili and was going nuts already. :/ she's a natural monkey. haha. just kidding boyfriend. =D
mummy came at 5. then went to pasar malam to get her keys done. that could be the 10th shop for me but i was stuffed. i've had enough food for one day. jelak. :/
oh oh oh. star newspaper woman came today. she was much nicer than the one last year. :D
and guess what me and laiyee fpund out from crystal?
fun mah after cheer. can go ikano everyday.
who on earth would want cheer to end?
i give up. .__.

June 4, 2009

pom cutters.

we've finally finished cutting all the poms. ;D
that's like 32 poms in 4 days.
me, zoe plus laiyee's been cutting until we're sick of it.
humans! be careful when you use it alright?
all our hard work. *sniffs*
and its all so round now. so pom-pommy.
i can be a hair stylist. and the hairstyle's called pom head. xP
haha. 4 days of cutting makes perfect. ;)
oh..ashley the pig is coming back tomorrow. so the gym's gonna be really noisy again. :/
anyways, wish me luck for cheer tomorrow.
i've no idea how am i gonna stunt. [with the killer-new-shoes]
i'm off to make THE playcard for cheer.
i cant seem to get the colour right. :(

June 1, 2009

jr chieng.

i present to you wong jie cheng. also known as jr chieng.
inside joke. :D
but everyone gets her name wrong. so she has lotsa weirdfunny names.
anyways, went to ou to get school shoes for cheer. in our smelly/disgusting pj clothes.
even the flies wouldn't stop kacauing us.
since ashley wasn't here so we trimmed poms. :D
and i cant imagine how gross the others would feel since they had to do everything.
so we had to take two big rubbish bags. of poms.
santa pom. ;P

then we went to look around and had waffles. i swear i'm not gonna have waffles for another month. so jelak.

p/s, i bet everyone who walked near us could have fainted. we'll be like that for the rest of the month until competition's over. good luck humans. bare with us. ;)