December 18, 2008

disney day. ;)

so we[me and huaj] were planning this movie thing for about a month. and we finally had it. it was suppose to be a day where we all watch disney movies like lion king, nemo etc. anyways, huaj jung jaz manda david came. nat couldn't make it cause she wasn't feeling very well after camp. anyway, manda came earlier.[the earliest] so we watched harry potter and the order of the phoenix cause she haven't watched it while waiting for the guys. then huaj and jung came. then davidd. then jaz. luckily my mum came back or he'll be waiting outside and we would be inside waiting for him.xP so after harry potter we watched lion king 1. jaz wanted to watch step up but noone agreed with him. haha. then suddenly the opening song of lion king was in cantonese. ;) then at last jung managed to change it back to english. after lion king we wanted to watch the nxt episod but they just watched it so we decided to watch batman for jaz's sake. he's like the only one who hasn't watch all the movies.
so after finishing the movie they decided to go home for dinner. huaj jung and jaz walked back.[jaz cycled] they pinjam-ed e few dvd's. and guess what? jaz forgot to bring his house keys back. he got so engrossed in the barbie cd's that i pinjam-ed him that he forgot about everything. ;) mr. best friend

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