December 19, 2008

eugene laiyee me bfl
so the maid trainer came over today and mum needed my help. so cleared my room a little and then watched lion king 2. i got addicted to it thanks to huaj. ish. anyways, was supposed to go with jaz to du to return his prom costume then i could go to gym after that but his mum could not send us there so he just came over to get his keys. then charlson called. again. he calls people like 24/7. i guess he's just bored at home. btw, he says i talk very chou lou-ish. *stares* no i dont. moving on, eugene came and pick me up for ou. bought yes man movie tickets. [had no idea what the show was about] then went to roxy to meet up with lai yee. *psst* saw this really nice roxy bag. i think im gonna buy it. ;) then we walked to old wing cause lai yee wanted sushi. [for her always hungry stomach] then had a heart-to-heart talk with bfl. if i didnt i think i would have cracked. *sigh* guys. after that we watched THE movie. it was retardedly funny. especially the part where the horny old woman seduced him and he was forced to say yes. haha. ;) ... went to gym straight away. thank god crystal didn't ffk. or i would slaughter her. cam whored with the kids there. but it was still another quiet gym day. oh, i managed to land a somersault. weeee.. *teehee*
see us? ;)
height difference.
just like me and ms tallie. x)
cheesee. :D
gf & bf. ;)

in the car on the way back home. ;)

the year's ending people. gosh.

so fast. :(

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