December 16, 2008


mindee. ;)
went to putrajaya to visit mindee today. she's grown so huge. and tht's cause her new owner feeds her raw fish everyday. [more like a cat i think] but she's so meaty now. x)
the story: she came to our house one day. she was outside the whole night cause the dogs wouldn't stop barking. then the nxt morning when i was about to leave skol we saw her sitting outside our gate. we gave her food but she didnt wanna eat. and she wouldn't leave too. so we decided to keep her. we had to carry her to the back cause the other 4 were making a lot of noise. after skol we found out that her eyes were going blind cause she scratched it. we brought her to the vet and the vet sewed her eyes. she was like captain hook. xP anyways, she got better we had to give her away cause my dad wouldnt let me keep her. cause i have 4 dogs already. :(
moving on, putrajaya. first thing she did when she saw our car was she ran to us. she still remembers. :) and then she kept on jumping on us. she's dam hyper. and she's made a lot of friends around there.
cute as ever. but when we leave we didn't see her anywhere.
*psst* she went to look for her boyfriend. ;)
oh. and you better watch out cina ah pek.[ah beng]

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