April 26, 2009

blue humans everywhere.

its sunday. omg.
means there's school tmr. :(
*pfft* ..
just came back from zoe's cheer dinner thing.
we watched last year's cheer video.
and we criticised everything. and zoe got to see her c*lv*n. :D
haha. its blue day. everyone wore blue.
and everyone was supposed to bring their bears but.. :(
teddee didn't get to meet her sisters. sad sad.
the pictures are on the way. ;)
plus we watched bring it on 3.
i hate that winnie girl. amber's nice. and brads really like a PIG.
[blitzerz, as one will unite]
i've got a question.
does my hair really looks like its been for straightening?
cause everyone's asking me the same question. :(
it's not. and im kinda proud of it. :D
but its hard to bend it.

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