April 6, 2009

ohana means family. :D

went back for cheng ming on friday night.
so i had to skip gym. :(
then family day was yesterday.. and it was raining on saturday so guess what.
mud again. *pfft*
we practiced in school for an hour plus then went to central park to see the place.
it was sunny at first. then after we performed it drizzled. and rained.
its so annoying.
crystal was really upset cause all her stunts fell.
but no one blames her cause it was really wet.
chill boyfriend! ;)
no matter what you're still as macho as ever.
mafia parents were there. and mafia baby too. ;)
and mafia daddy looked as blur as ever.
then we went to ou to makan.
and we rented a wheel chair for nabilah. ;)
nabilah with her rented wheel chair. :D
it was so fun.
pushed her around like jakun.
actually that was me only but whatever lah.
both of them were trying to cover each others spaghetti with chili flakes. real jakuns.
yummy desserts= fats+fats+fats.
then we went home after that.
went wash hair and cut.
and daddy went to ou again.
so i practically spent the whole day there
we had quite alot of free periods cause teacher's were busy.
and pn t*ng couldn't stop nagging again.
and for the rest of the day we were cracking our heads out doing add maths and making up song while doing questions-that-only-tan-juan-can-solve.

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