May 27, 2009

cute right? :D
this is my crazy dog.
he bulldozes me every morning . haha. ;)
guess what. it's been a month since i've updated.
and its all thanks to mid term. total stresssness.
anyways, here's some of the pictures from cheer dinner.
our good luck cake. pretty right? :D
bring it on.
food food food.
look at that table. its enough for a whole kampung.
the mummy's cam-whoring. =D
and this is for mummy:
mummy! you're a poser! :P
i know its been longgg. :D
wait. how am i suppose to blog about 1 whole month in i post?
i shall just summarize it.
omg. english test is over and i'm doing summary. *smacks head*
exam starts.
and we had all three science papers during the first week.
suicide. x/
there was mum's day. ;)
then exams again.and usual cheer practices.
then american idol.
kris allen i love you. ;)
and today's the last day.
i'm so gonna get my precious sleep+tv+shopping time all back.
plus we got our uniforms today. :D
weee.. its so pretty. but my sleeves are abit too lose. and the skirt is of course better than last year's.
when the lady came to our school everyone switched to jakun mode. haha.

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