April 18, 2009


its lalachai's birthday. :D
guess what we got him?
we as in me.laiyee.manda.zicong.
a barbie doll. her name's summer btw.
well. he needed a girlfriend and we couldn't find him one so we decided to get him a sexy doll. ;)
there she is. ;)
sexy right?
digging from all the crepe paper. :D
poser. he trying to act cute. plus more lala.
went to ou with lalalalachai and zi cong just now.
he was loaded with $$. haha.
so we went to starbucks to drink and zi cong was saying how f*t people fantasizes him. eww.
he said he can't stand the layers. and he had to keep insulting all those f*t humans.
sad sad.
so we watched he's just not that into you.
there was this movie trailer about an orphanage.
it was freaky. she went nutty ans tries to kill all the kids i think.
ps. i was half covering my eyes.
the show was boring. they had video clips of people. kinda weird.
but the ending was really sweet. ;)
then during the show a really funny thing happened.
suddenly there was a girl sitting beside me.
then i looked at her cause she looks like a kid and its an 18+ movie.
and i realized that it was wanne.brenda.michelle.calvin.andtwootherdudes.
it was faith. haha.
but they got shooed cause they didn't look 18.
so sad.

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