April 16, 2009

the not so quiet girl.

school was as hot as usual today.
hmm. i had double bio, double pj, maths, double bm, add maths and mm.
bio teacher didn't come. then pj teacher nagged like crazy cause we didn't bring our text book and pj clothes. maths teacher was as nice as always. bm.. *pfft* mr-try-to-act-cool. he always ignores me. add maths was nice to. then mm. free period. :)
then this weird thing happened.
never in my life was i mad at my class mates. especially those who don't talk in class.
after recess, i went back to class and the blackboard said
pass up moral project to yl.
so i did. cause i spent the whole afternoon doing it the day before.
then after 5 minutes she said that i can keep the green file.
so i decided to recycle it cause its half falling apart.
then she came to me.
yl: *shouted* you cant pass it up like this.
me: why?
yl: your photos need caption lah.
me: but the project teacher gave us to rujuk didn't have it. and teacher said just follow it.
pui shan: yea, cik ina said no need.
yl: but pn liao said need.
me: *getting angry* but cik ina said no need. i was in her class last year. she say just follow.
yl: but pn liao..
me: fine. i'll take it back.
then we were debating on whether we needed captions. pui shan said didn't need so i passed it up again.
pui shan: nvm. tham wanna pass up her project.
yl: hao lah. ni zhe ji bao chong.
[you take care]
then we were talking about her at the back.
even kar mun said that she's rude. so i'm not the only one.
mean ass.

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