April 10, 2009

school was boring+hot as usual.
we wanna sit under the fan but the fan's too retarded to move faster than the first speed.
anyway, had cheer after school. and we did quite alot of back walks and everything.
i just realized that everyone's injured. practically.
there's weiwen with her ligament/muscle, nabilah with her ligament, jc with her ankle cause of her retarded shoes, laiyee with her wrist, and me with my back.
ish. this is pure torture.
if only i could wish for a really flexible back and never have back aches again. ;) hehe.
then gym. jia shern came today. and he still looks like a baby. :D
he really likes to show off man.
but its alright. i will be able to do a back flip and back tuck and etc by june.
muahaha. :)
*if i told you that i love you would you say i love you back?

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