April 12, 2009


went for undang yesterday.

it wasn't as bad as some people said it would be.

chee foong wanted to but he didn't dare cause no one slept in the class. really.

and the videos that they show us about motorcycle accidents is gross.
the guy's leg was half gone. *blekk*
i baked too. ;)
and its yummy. mmm.. :D
went to tropicana for a swim just now.
half way swimming with laiyee it started to rain.
but laiyee said that the guard will put on some sort of siren sound when there's thunder/lightning.
then we started collecting flowers. :D
and we pretended to save them from some sort of sea monster/big wave thing.
we were being so jakun and childish. haha
then our mum's came and brothers came too.
and we took the flowers to cam wh*re. ;)
then we went to makan at the japanese restaurant.
and we saw some cute easter thing so we took pictures too. ;D

muah. <3

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