March 4, 2009


had first c3 practice today. [stunts and dance]
and we're called the...
scorpions all stars. plus blitzerz lah of course. :D
wonder how we got our name?
we wanted to call it scope. since it is our gym's name.
then change to mr yong. but it was kinda weird.
then scorpions. *pssss* ;)
end of story.
practiced stunts. i think my left arm's gonna be bigger than my right. but my right has always been bigger. whatever lah.
then ashley had long jump so we spent most of the time in the field waiting for her.
plus when she jump her legs really look like twigs. xP
sorry ashley. its the truth.
then dance practice.
michelle was so gan cheong.
plus jia shen's scared of a tiny spider. [guys nowadays]
then we had to submit the forms to charm.
the park near centrepoint.
so we [me and laiyee] asked ch** if he could fetch us there.
i think he's still mad cause we sort of ditched him for valentines.
but anyways, once we got into the car it started to rain.
its raining every single night. *pfft*
moving on. we reached there and ch** just left without even offering to send us back. :(
so it rained. rained and rained. then it stopped.
so we decided to run back. train stamina mah. ;)
went in to 7/11 to buy things came out and it was pouring. bloody hell.
so we asked the lady for some plastic bags and put our bags inside and ran back.
and curse that unkind-cold-blooded-inhumane-person.
halfway running my leg went into some drain hole and it was superbly painful.
plus our shoes were all wet. there goes my precious shoes. and favourite socks. :(
finally we reached bu3.
hair: wet.
shirt plus pants: wet.
socks: drowned.
shoes: bloated.
bag: still covered with 7/11 plastic bag.
practice practice practice. then went home.
brenda was practising how to throw pomps.
and since we're an all star team pur skirts can be 9 inches above our knees. ;)


  1. ooiii what gan cheong?! stress k??

    omg after you left, the taekwondo guy was asking our emails and stuff! and he asked to create our very own BLOG! so yeah... wanna continue this team after c3?!?!?!

  2. haha. dont mind. kinda fun.
    with those weightless guys they can do anything lah. ;)