March 13, 2009


*deep breathe*
we tried doing stunts with our uniform today.
so fun. ;)
but it was freaking raining for the whole morning.
at first when i woke up i was really excited cause we can practice during school ours.
then when i was wearing my shoes my mum said it was raining.
bloody hell.
so we sort of practice in the rain.
and we had free eye drops from the sky. ;)
then it got heavier and we moved to the canteen.
then on lee shoo-ed us away.
went bak to class to wait for the rain to stop.
and on the way upstairs there was a COcKrOACH on the stairs.
oh ehm gee.
mr tay let us practice during recess. ;)
so we practiced in the canteen where everyone was eating and looking at the monkey/ashley jumping around crazily. xP
plus we booked two plates of sang mee with tofupok.
and we also had roti canai.
we're really pigs. haha
after school i was dead already.
i could just sleep on the mat.
but we had to do strength work. :(
stunt stunt stunt.
practice finito.
jia shern's birthday's today.went to baskin robin's to give him a surprise.
he was so emo. and whiny. xP
so each if us made him cards and bought him a big walnut brownie/cake.
laiyee's michelle's mine calvin's
before the pigs started digging the cake.
after we digged. xP
he's kissing the cake. =D
dirty fello.
he's always with his ice cream.
he was so excited to open them. ;)
the metal mouths. :D
then went to gym and did our usual stuff.
crystal was there.
i haven't seen her for one week but it feels like a haven't seen her for ages.
i miss you lah boyfriend. ;)
*blows kiss*

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