March 28, 2009

last sports day ever.

sports day was yesterday.
and we had to meet at school at 4.30 to do the make up and practice once before the real thing. so means we have to wake up at 4.
so yuzana stayed over cause her parents couldn't send her at 4.30.
got breakfast from mcd's and redbulls. ;)
i need energy man.
after finishing the make up we went to change and it was really hard to put our shirt on cause we tied our hair and it was as hard as rock.
and eunice's mum made us nice ribbons again. ;)
the first event was marching and long speeches made by the teachers etcetera.
we had to wait and vinyi cried cause she was really nervous.
and since the night before was raining so we had to cheer in the mud.
eww. the other houses wanted to ask teacher to move the spot for cheer but i don't think the teachers would want to move their butts from the chair.
liqi! peterpan. ;) so blue was first. then yellow was second. green was third and red was last to perform.
it was really disgusting the cheer on muds cause you'll hear squishing sound here and there.
plus when we jump the water gets splattered. but we had no choice but to do it. so.. we ended up having brown shoes and our hands were all muddy and wet and dirty and grassy.
and our pretty props and poms were all brown and green with leaves. :(
after cheer was the marching formation and then it was field events. i had 4x200 and 4x100.
the part where you're waiting for the baton or when passing the baton was the scariest.
but it was kinda unfair also since everyone simply cut lanes and push each other around to run. and the teachers said they would disqualify them if they do that.
after running i realized that i had a big cut on my toe.
and the blood wouldn't stop plus the pbsms had to wash it with dettol so it was freaking painful.
i was hugging athina's leg the whole time.
then tarik tali. it was so fun ;)
after that it was the end.
liqi and huaj showing off their medals. =D
announcement time.
i forgot what we got for marching but i think it was pretty good.
then when they announced poms result everyone was in silent mode.
this is what the teacher said.
encik najid:
dan inilah keputusan cheerleading. tempat ketiga tiada pemenang. tempat kedua ialah rumah hijau dan kuning.
everyone stunned there for a while cause we were wondering who would get first.
encik najid: dan pemenang cheerleading ialah rumah biru.
except for the blue house members who were going crazy.
went to ou to eat and watch movie. we walked bare footed cause our legs were all cutty and our shoes were all muddy.
we watched knowing.
don't watch it. it's retarded.

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