March 18, 2009

one whole lot of fun. ;)

I'm in australia.
its almost 11 here.
2 hours ahead of my bed.
and its freaking cold at night.
I'm just gonna upload a few of the pictures.
there's loads of them so i cant fit them all in one post.
and its costing me 16 bucks to use the net for 1 hour.
the place's really nice.
and the beach is purrfectto. ;)
but we cant really swim in there cause there's sharks.
real. sharks. humans were eaten before. and i don't wanna lose my leg.
cheer's on sunday! ;)
house cheer's going fine.
and manda has to chill.
she was like:
So far is like that la.. YOU BETTER ONLINE AND SEE THIS MAN before u kill me when u get back , knowing some of the dance counting has changed . I hope you're alryt with it...
i think I'll just do it without the pictures.
the connection's really stupid.
it keeps disconnecting on its on.

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