March 24, 2009

it's a really weird day.

i miss c3. :(
i miss our mafia family.
we'll only get to see each other on fridays.
no more mafia family everyday..
and hungry jia shern/baby.
rehearsal for sports day today canceled.
and its all caused by the rain. it didn't stop for the whole day.
so went to help deco. and had a little of practice after school.
had 200m saringan. and i cant run lah. the lane was really wet.
and those that cut the line didn't even get disqualified.
it was so unfair. :(
liqi! I'm really sorry. my short legs cant beat the long ones.
so went back at 4.30 for tuition and guess what.
while i was going to my mum's shop to drink milo i saw a really cute puppy and asked my mum to stop the car.
then i went to catch it and now its at home. ;)
its really chubby. and its a boy.
hmm. what should i call him?
i bet the next time brenda comes to my house she'll just give him another nickname.
guess what's she calling rockie already?
*smacks head*


  1. i miss our mafia family too:(
    i can't believe we only get to see each other once a week now:(
    no more hungry jiashern and ordering mcds in the middle of no where:(
    can't wait for friday!!!

    and hehehehe rockie-bobo :D
    yikes, new dog. im scared:( hahaha.
    name him SPIKE.
    then i'll call him rockie-spike next time.

  2. calvin is not joining gym :(