March 14, 2009

happy birthday michelle!
why didn't anyone know that. :(
practiced from 8.30 to 2.30
I'm going nuts.
*shoots head*
we completed our c3 routine. finally.
and that was our last practice cause i will be gone for the whole week and will only be back on sunday morning.
which means on competition day itself. there's another nutty day.
I've got bruises everywhere thanks to our extremely dangerous flyer who always hits my face and shoulders.
then dance practice for c3 also.
we did some sort of ballroom dance thing. ;)
well. it wasn't really a dance thing actually.
it was sort of like a i-push-you-you-push-me thing. x)
and this as calvin sleeping.
he always sleeps during practice.
and this is jia shern.
i don't know who took this picture but it looks funny.
then we ordered mcd's.
but it took 1 our to come.
and we didn't want it after waiting for so long but they kept calling brenda.
they could be stalkers if they want to.
they even called brenda's house. :/
then calvin told the guy on the line that brenda went home but he asked how he could contact brenda so he gave him some random number to call.
i thing that was the number. xP
i didn't know he was so mean.
so random.and this is our guy-gone-girl-cheerleader.

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