March 23, 2009

i lost my heart for a day.

c3 competition was yesterday.
i reached the airport at 5 something and had to rush all the way back here. plus we had to wait 20 minutes for the taxi/limo cause they couldn't fit out bags in the small car. *sighs*
so went to school for practice and guess what i got?
elbowed by ashley puan. :( she's the killer man.
went to register and they gave us a whole lot of stuff.
3 chocolate breads, some paper, 2 bottles of juice, some body most and soap from the body shop.
and a nike bottle. it was really cute.
our bags were already full with our uniform plus we had to stuff everything in pulak.
then.. zoe brought out a big garbage bag.
*smacks head*
we could even stuff ashley in. ;)
made with love by eunice's mum. practised on the mat and had our hair plus make up done by the make up artist-clara.
we waited and waited for our turn to come and we were really nervous.
then we got third for stunts.
its not good okay.
but at least we had fun. and it was because of this michelle became the mummy of us all.
and calvin's the daddy.
and guess who's the baby? ;)
jia shern lah duh.
our family's the mafia family. *tsk tsk*
then after we finished we went makan at friday;s.
a had some mac and cheese thing till i couldn't even pull myself to touch the spaghetti.
i hate that cheese ball. argh.
after makan went watch hotel for dogs. ;)
the show.s so cute lah.
i like friday.
and all the other dogs. so adorable.
p/s jia shern and brenda fell asleep during the movie.
how could they. :( the movie so nice.
then half way jeremy called and asked us to go and get our bags from celebrity fitness.
came up and zoe had to go down again cause some pms woman wanted her to sign some stuff. pfft.
after everything went home to bath and then
zzz.and this is our family portrait. ;)
even though we didn't win anything..
scorpions all stars rock!
says jia shern's amazing friends. ;)
and salyz rocks too. :D
its our stunt group member.
and boyfriend!
i love you. ;)
thanks for making the so-called play cards.
it was really cute.
and it was almost bigger than you.


  1. mummy and daddy? you guys ah...

    our video is on! (:

  2. eh, you know i don't like dogs right!
    the movie was so boring lah.
    i fell asleep the second i sat down.
    i love our mafia family:) (L)


    it was okay la. you were busy sleeping! i kept fighting with your father about which dog was cuter LOL!!

    i love our mafia family too! ): i miss you guys!

    tham, get a chatbox lol

  4. i miss you guys too!!! tham create a chatter box so we all can chit chat! :D