June 1, 2009

jr chieng.

i present to you wong jie cheng. also known as jr chieng.
inside joke. :D
but everyone gets her name wrong. so she has lotsa weirdfunny names.
anyways, went to ou to get school shoes for cheer. in our smelly/disgusting pj clothes.
even the flies wouldn't stop kacauing us.
since ashley wasn't here so we trimmed poms. :D
and i cant imagine how gross the others would feel since they had to do everything.
so we had to take two big rubbish bags. of poms.
santa pom. ;P

then we went to look around and had waffles. i swear i'm not gonna have waffles for another month. so jelak.

p/s, i bet everyone who walked near us could have fainted. we'll be like that for the rest of the month until competition's over. good luck humans. bare with us. ;)

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