June 10, 2009

melted book

had practice this morning at coach's place.
so gross. all the sweat. you can see it dripping down our faces and everywhere.
then had lunch with loong, shaun, kenny, shengjun.
ate char keow teow. there were lotsa lala's in it. and prawns and other sea animals.
so i gave it all to kenny. :D
then the big news.
wait for it.
here it comes.
loong melted my eclipse book.
yes! he did. he left it in his car and it melted.
at first i thought he was kidding cause the last time he said he was annoyed by this mosquito and he used my book to kill it.
he and shaun were making it really hard to believe.
eish. i really thought he was kidding again.
he ordered another one for me from uk.
aih..sad sad.
anyhow, am off to take a nap now.

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