June 8, 2009


[she thought that we were as small as her. trying to squish into one step on the escalator. -___- ]
today's eat-a-go day.
meaning: we eat in as many places as possible.
target: 10 restos. [5 main course + 5 desserts]
humans: me, crystal, laiyee.
and there was a really big misunderstanding.
all cause of crystal! *pfft*
eh, you going for the eat-a-go thing later right
yeap. you?
yeah. going straight after cheer right?
no lah. crystal said go at 1 o'clock.
huh? i texted her yesterday and she said go straight after cheer lah.
*crystal came late*
crystal! later going ou at 1 o'clock right?
yea lor.
crystal, yesterday you told me go after cheer.
omg. yea hor. how?
*smacks head*
so i went with her after cheer. and laiyee went back to bathe. one small human confuse us all pulak.
our first stop. arena. :/ crystal said the yee mee's really nice there. then we went to eat the pan mee. plus laiyee got soya bean. :D
then we went to sushi king. ordered one zaru soba. [i think the waitress was wondering why were we sharing one small thing]
next stop: dave's. cause they had the 50% discount on pastas. and pastas are just so yummy. crystal didn't like pasta. which was one of the reasons we chose to eat there.
[moto: eat everything even if we don't really like it = try new stuffs. :D] haha.
followed by waffle world. p/s, crystal didn't even know how to cut a waffle. she's like a small kid. a really really small kiddo. *tsk tsk*
then dragon-i. for dessert. we had a hard time deciding which ice thingy to choose from cause each of us wanted different fruits on it. but the one we ate had bits of the 3 that we wanted. =D
next was just thai. pineapple rice. ;) eih? why pineapple green colour one?
if not?
i thought its yellow?
haihyoh. yellow is inside lah. the fruit part.
oh... [then she started scrapping the inside part of the partially emptied fruit :/ ]
then we went to honeymoon. noone tried that place before. so we just simply ordered.tau fu fa with aloe vera. it was yummy. :D
and the last stop for me was nando's. crystal took abit of chili and was going nuts already. :/ she's a natural monkey. haha. just kidding boyfriend. =D
mummy came at 5. then went to pasar malam to get her keys done. that could be the 10th shop for me but i was stuffed. i've had enough food for one day. jelak. :/
oh oh oh. star newspaper woman came today. she was much nicer than the one last year. :D
and guess what me and laiyee fpund out from crystal?
fun mah after cheer. can go ikano everyday.
who on earth would want cheer to end?
i give up. .__.

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