June 4, 2009

pom cutters.

we've finally finished cutting all the poms. ;D
that's like 32 poms in 4 days.
me, zoe plus laiyee's been cutting until we're sick of it.
humans! be careful when you use it alright?
all our hard work. *sniffs*
and its all so round now. so pom-pommy.
i can be a hair stylist. and the hairstyle's called pom head. xP
haha. 4 days of cutting makes perfect. ;)
oh..ashley the pig is coming back tomorrow. so the gym's gonna be really noisy again. :/
anyways, wish me luck for cheer tomorrow.
i've no idea how am i gonna stunt. [with the killer-new-shoes]
i'm off to make THE playcard for cheer.
i cant seem to get the colour right. :(

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