May 31, 2009

im driving! :D

went for amali class with cheefoong and karwen.
guess who i met? :D
liqi, yy and nicola.
so we had class together. 6 hours of pure lecture is torture.
so after the first half we went to experiment with the car.
there were lots of weird organs in the stomach. and it was all really tiny cause its a kancil. haha.
then we got to drive. ;)
i was in the same group as liqi, yy, nicola.
so liqi went first. since he was the only guy in the car. besides the instructor.
then nicola,yy and me. :)
our instructor was mr nasir junior. he was kinda nice. unlike cheefoong's one who was super hamsap.
i'm driving. :P

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