January 28, 2009

happy chinese new year! ;)

twinss wanna-be. :)
happy chinese new year. ;)
I'm back! *whee*
chinese new year was hot. and i mean HOT. the weather was crazy.
me and mummy started the journey at about 6 something in the morning on sunday.
then we makan-ed half way there in tapah. x)
after we reached we went to da saloon! ;)
chinese new year must have new hair.
*tsk tsk*
loved those curls.
flowers from neighbour's garden.
plucked some. xP then reunion time. grandma's garden-planted veggies. yummy. *slurp*
and now i present you ethan, my cousins baby. ;)
then ang pao time. xP
but besides that its either you sleep or watch tv or eat or gamble. so it was rather boring actually.
but at least you get to see all your uncles and aunties and cousins etcetera. :)
first day of chinese new year: wanted to eat ipoh food cause i've never been to the town before. but all the shops were close so we had to eat at the mall.
*sigh* and the food was horrible.
then there was lion dance.
and we played with the stick thingy. :)
second day of chinese new year:
cute right? :]
daddy and his chicken! :)
sleepy head...
grandma giving out ang paos.
she's 98 years old.
my uncle purposely bought this table for gambling.
and brought it back all the way from kl..
then everyone came. and we gambled. abit. ;)
i won 22 bucks!
then we finished at 11 something and went to ipoh to eat fish ball noodles. and tong sui. and there was this really weird/disgusting couple sitting behind us.
went back at 1 something and zzz.
daddy! :)





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  1. ETHANNN! haha. he damn cute ryte wth. :D
    so small oni damn smart liao ryte. ahhh. miss him laa ):