January 17, 2009

seventeen forever. ;)

o.m.g. im 17! i feel so old.
wanted to had a party but it was like so rushy cause it was one week after school reopen so i gave up.
then decided to have dinner at friday's. there were a few people who celebrated there on that day also. awesome. [at least im not the only one growing old]
laiyee's share of cake. xP
... had cheer yesterday. we had like a dozens of flyer. xP
and while we were doing stunts pengetua had to come and kacau. ish. she purposely wasted our time.
then she asked us to stand according to out forms and tell her our name plus class.
whats the point? its not like she's gonna remember all of us. she even called zoe zo. she said she was just concern about our safety. but if she really is she could get us another mat. :D
then went to leon's birthday slash farewell party. got him some dumbbell bottle plus added some choc inside.
thank god i had lai yee. or i would be dead. it was like all kdu's. *blekk*
then we went to the playground. the swing was fun. just that laiyee's long legs were so long that her legs kept on touching the ground.
the cons of having that long legs. xP
then it started to rain. so we were stuck there again.
and luckily my dad could fetch us back earlier. :)
mr paddington and cj7. ;)
if i had to choose between 3 guys to either marry or sleep or kill, i would kill you because if i cant have you then no one can.

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