January 3, 2009

weee. ;)

heh. went skating with chee foong [ah beng/cina ah pek] and jaz [papaya]. ;) was supposed to go with cf since don't know how long ago. it was a last minute thingy btw. :)
took cab there then skated. sooo fun. haven't been there since primary. *sigh* sad sad. so kaku-ed abit. but not bad lah.
i fell 3 times. :(
i don't really know how i fell actually. but i just did.
they were about to close the rink for cleaning then cf said don't go out first and he just grabbed my hand and skated like super fast. it was fun. [at first] then this guy appeared out of the blue. i was about to move to the side but.. *crashes* both me and cf fell. half of me was wet. my hair my top my jeans. and it was freezing. :(
there was this girl who was about to fall. then she grabbed me. i thought i could help her but she pushed me down. *sob sob* and i fell on my ass/my back. :( *ouchies*sad.
then we sat for awhile and went back to skate. cf was even scared to let me skate alone. *sigh*
then decided to stop skating. the skates can kill. my ankle was so soar. but thank god there was no blisters. *psst* i was wearing my dad's socks. ;)
then cf continued skating. he was like a small kid. so happy-like. xP
went to eat at sakae sushi. ;)