May 29, 2009

cikgu's day.

teacher's day celebration was today.
had the normal long winded speech as usual.
and weird performances. not all were weird. just some. ;)
then they played musical chair. [our school's tradition]
liqi joined too. and mr alex. plus mr siva. [all the teachers lah]
but only those with big butts can win. :D
then we went back to class. but before that we did something really retarded.
and we had to practice the timing as to when they're suppose to snap the picture and when were suppose to jump. [they: david, joel, zhenchi]
haha. :0
*smacks head*
liqi on zhen chi. -___-
then we went back to class. and had 10 boxes of pizzas.
i know. my class is made up of monsters. dont mess with them or they'll eat you up too. :/cikgu. ;)

ming yao. :D

dong the poser.

bimbo caryi.

twins. [yin+yun]

we playing tap tap 2. i won. :)


thams. xD

lalas wannabe. :*

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