September 18, 2009

time to loosen up. :)

this place is really dead right now. after four weeks of direct exposure to extensive radioactive waves emitted by those reference books of mine.. i officially need a time out. peace humans.

well..i was in the mood to blog just now. WAS. now i'm lazy again. *pfft* anyways, i shall just do a short post. :) guess what? my dog bit my new slippers. its the second pair now. and i am not talking to him as i am very angry at him. monster! i forbid you to talk to me for a week. HAH.

so trials is officially over. well..its not exactly over as we still have one more physics paper to go but its jps paper so who cares. i'll just read it through before exams. one week of holiday sounds fair enough for all of us to patch our brain back. i need sleep. i am totally sleep deprived. :/ and I AM gonna get loads of LONNG nap times during this holidays. :D wee.

and hao minnie got me addicted to gossip girl. serious shit. :/ she and her series..

okay.. so it was suppose to be short. tata. :)

eish. we've drifted so freaking far apart.

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