August 24, 2009

driving exam attempt #1

had driving exam today. yea yea.. i didn't pass. :/ but it was fun though. :D
first we had to wait for registration. then wait until they call us and the longkang there stink like toilet sh*t. :/ after waiting for 29488292838 x 10^999 we finally got to take the exam. first : SLOPE. starts engine. radio blasted at the back and there was no way to turn it off. then drive up the slope. came down and went up again. passed the slope. *car jerks* mati engine. haha. passed it though. the JPJ guy was laughing at me. second : PARKING. reverse x 999392 times. then parked. but cause my side mirror was jutting out i failed it. stupid mirror. wished i could just shop it off. :/ then 3 POINT TURN. didn't get to try it. :( sad nia. so waited for ON THE ROAD test. i thought of being real nice and friendly to that JPJ lady. so first thing i said when i went in the car was MORNING KAK. no response. nvm. then check everything and went off. while going up the hill i was about to slow down cause the light was turning yellow but she was like CEPATLAH SIKIT. holy moly. what kind of JPJ human is that. but she saved me from one slope anyway. not my loss. so i asked her which road to take. then she was like PERGILAH MANA YANG BELAJAR. but i belajar-ed 2 roads. crazy woman. plus she was having flu. wanted to ask her if she feels alright but i gave up talking to her already. thank god she gave me a pass. i so deserve it for trying to talk to her. :D

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