September 20, 2009

guinea pig day.

hmm..went bangsar with beng and mummy. cause i thought that there would be no one there and there was no need to cramp with everyone. so went there, got a parking. and boom. almost all the shops were close. so unbelievable. but i didn't go home empty handed though. bought a new barbie cd. haha. the three musketeers. :D kinda cool but they looked like power rangers in the show. so decided to go home then mummy suggested to g for a movie. g-force. so movie was at 7.10. went home. bla bla bla. and had 'dinner' at 4.30 :/ all beng's fault. *sigh* so the movie wasn't bad. but they had the grossest insect in the whole entire universe in it. COCKROACH! :/ they were crawling everywhere. bleh. haha. but the guinea pigs were so cute. so fat and chubby. and i didn't know that a mole's nose was like that. :/ so jelly-like. go watch go watch. :D

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