July 7, 2009

yesterday was THE cheerleader's self-declared holiday.
so we slept the whole day.
eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep.
and i still feel sleepy. :/
our eyes are all still swollen.
then today mr tay presented us our medals.
and cik adilah was there too. :D
plus some chinese newspaper guy i think.
he wanted us to write a rencana in chinese.
and cheng cheng cheng.. noone knows how. :/
had malam bakat rehearsal today at kbu college.
they damn kiam sap. didnt on the air cond for us.
so it was hot like siao.
then there was no bus for us to go back to school.
damn chapalang lah.
had starbucks while waiting for the mummy's to pick us up.
FREE. :)

i like this picture. :)

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