July 11, 2009

malam bakat 2009.

malam bakat yesterday night. the best malam bakat ever. right?

there were loads of performances.

  1. the 24 seasons drum. there were 24 drums with different season stuffs written on it. im not sure what it wrote but it was damn cool. the humans playing it were really good too. [liqi.huajie.puishan.shing.chuenwei.shing.khoyyan.david.others.]
  2. ballet. the tutu's were so pretty. and huge. go eunice! :D
  3. hiphop.
  4. the sorry sorry dance. ;) sorry sorry sorry sorry nicka nicka nicka mucho.... lalalalalala. i only know the lyrics of that part. not really the lyrics but yea whatever. ;) eunice influence all of us with that song. go ix-tvxq!
  5. p. ramlee drama.
  6. michael jackson. triller! woooot. 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night. And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike. You know it's thriller, thriller night. You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight.'
  7. singing.
  8. other dances. the traditional dances and jaiho by the forms fives.
  9. etc.
  10. and don't forget.. US. :D blitzerz will intimidate and yes we will, dominate that's right! blitzerz as one, will UNITE! :D

but the stage floor was pretty slippery cause of the powder on the drums. :/ but luckily no one slipped during the routine. so doing a handspring on stage was pretty scary.

while waiting for the next performance, we took these. :P and from that it became these.

the scariest one. :/

then we became civilized again. xD

captain zoe being all lala.

crystal was trying to be tall. look how 'tall' she is! xP

mummy's. cheeeeeeeeeeeeese.

black mafia.

tham.tham.tham. :D

Christian Palencia. i sue you!

liu miiing yao.

ix-tvxq. :D

on the way to mcd's. :)

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