July 10, 2009

cheer moments.

i know i should talk about cheer. but its really long.
the mums. they prepared us with loads of food. :D
love you mummy! ;)
coach! thank you for coaching us!
we love you. forever and ever.
and thanks for giving us all the strength work.
it was tough but everything deserves a little hardwork and effort. :)
cheer clinic was one of the hardest.
they were really strict this year.
they really wanted the bersih-ness of the routine.
ashley! the super human flyer.
i remember the first day she same for cheer practice.
she was wearing this retarded rebok shoes.
half the sole-skin was gone.
and she kept stepping on us like mad.
plus her cradles were really sucky.
she kept on kidding us with her everything.
those were the torturous days.
im glad we were made to become THE stunt group. ;)
a super huge thank you to all YOU supporters. you guys were the bomb.
dont mess with the wrong blue yo.
zoe: my stunt partner for two years. :)
we are strong humans.
*flex's..muscles bulging*
crystal: the germ-like-flyer.
you rock dear!
eventhough your butt hurts us like sh*t all the time, im glad we had our happy moments. :)
laiyee: the super tall back spotter.
her muscles are huge.
never mess with her. :D
*shakes head*
the smallies. :0
as cute as ever. <3
malam bakat tonight! see ya. ;)

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