February 8, 2009

lion dance! :)

mummy had lion dance in her shop.
that was last week actually. and the lions were so cute. one kept bullying the other. xP
and it made the whole place all dirty.
*smacks head*
then for the whole week i either had pom pom or cheer plus gym.
monday: tuition
tuesday: pom
wednesday: pom
thursday: nthg cause some of them couldn't make it.
friday: cheer and gym.
cheer life of a cheerleader. xP
then gym was crazy.
brenda was high. really high.
we did some really detarded things on the bar.
and now my leg hurts. :(
plus my neck hurts.
i don't know how i fell but i somehow terkenad my head/neck when i was doing floor.
that's all i think. the pictures are on the way. ;) ta ta.

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