February 23, 2009

exam week.

skipped school today.
will be having exams the whole week.
so planned to go to tmn tun library. at 9.
then we went there.
[we : me cheefoong tsehao]
it was closed.
*smacks head*
so went back to mum's shop and planned where to go again.
i just don't understand why people cant stay home and study.
weirdos.. : chee foong. ;)
so decided to go to ikea to study. ;)
then weibing and the others came.
then makan time.
had meatballs. plus Portuguese tart.
equals full stomach.
left ikea.
chee foong drove. -__-
it wasn't that scary but still scary.
and it was so squishy.
but at least i arrived home safely.
or ah beng would be slaughtered by mummy even if he mati kong kiaod. xP
and she says my lollipop.

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