January 3, 2010

im updating. :)

no. there wont be flies as I'm updating it now. :D but i don't know what to write about. :/ this sucks. :(
hmm.. *light bulb*
  1. spm's over. (old news btw)
  2. im bored.
  3. prom was a blast. :)
  4. we had another eat-a-go and kor's gonna upload the pictures on fb. soon. :)
  5. christmas was so so.
  6. eve was spent in a park. yes, a park. but it wasnt that bad actually. just laods of mosquitoes. :/ and grass.
  7. i miss cheer. :(
  8. cant wait for college to start. :D
  9. cause im bores again. :/
happy? i updated. :D

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